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We need your help! - American Open Volunteers needed!

Amercan Open Finals Milwaukee December 7-9

Please see this sheet for Bar-Loader Plan. This is where we need the most help. Please spread the word at your gym and reach out if you are able to help. Loaders will get a Rouge T-Shirt and free entry to the event. There will be 3 platforms (Red, White, and Blue) and sessions Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so plenty of opportunites! Loader Spreadsheet

If you are not able to load, we also need help with setup on Wednesday and Thursday, and tear down on Sunday. Use this link to help with these. Setup - Tear Down - Misc

July 2018 LWC Update

Here is the first of what is planned to be quarterly updates.


  • BSG Sign up coming to a close soon, hurry and get signed up.

  • Wisconsin Open will be hosted by Madtown WLC October 20/21

  • 2019 State Meets, call for clubs interested in hosting.

  • And more...

July 2018 LWC Update

Sent via e-mail to everyone on March 24th:

Championship Meet Registration

For those who are not already aware, registration is open for the LWC Championships. You can register here: http://www.wisconsinweightlifting.org/register

As a reminder, the meet will be held April 23rd and 24th in the Madison area. Open registration will close at midnight on April 6th. A session schedule will be published immediately afterwards. Session-specific spots might be made available after this date, depending how full each session is.

Register by April 6th to guarantee your slot.

Annual General Meeting

This message serves as your notification that annual general meeting for Wisconsin Weightlifting will be held on April 23rd at 5:00 PM during the state championship meet. The location is: Crossfit Madtown, 2500 Pleasant View Rd. #101, Middleton, WI 53562

Bylaw Ratification

At the prior annual meeting, the membership voted unanimously to dissolve our existing bylaws. A bylaw committee was formed and has reviewed new bylaws for our organization. These draft bylaws are available here: http://www.wisconsinweightlifting.org/s/DraftWisconsinBylaws.pdf

We will be voting to ratify these new bylaws at the annual meeting.

If you wish to make a comment on any section of these bylaws, please respond to this email with your comments by April 1st. Please note that all comments, including the author, will be reviewed by the committee and made available as minutes on our website.

Should the committee decide to make changes to the draft, the new draft bylaws will be sent for inspection, by email, to all members no later than ten days prior to the meeting. If no further drafts are sent you can assume that the draft linked above will be what is voted on during the meeting.

Documents for Distribution

The meeting agenda, 2015 Treasurer's Statement, and 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes are all available on our website at: http://www.wisconsinweightlifting.org/governance/

Director Elections

As mentioned in a previous message, the USAW national office is coordinating elections for each LWC this year. All of the director positions, included the proposed positions in our bylaws, are open for election.

These positions include: President (current: Daniel Swank) Vice-President (Jeremy Jacobs, not seeking re-election) Secretary / Treasurer (Patty Gremore, not seeking re-election) Competition Chair (new position) Athlete Representative (new position)

Descriptions of these positions are available in our draft bylaws. Note that the athlete representative is restricted to current athletes, who do not hold a coaching certification, and have competed in LWC meets in the prior two calendar years (2014 and 2015).

Two board members, Patty Gremore and Jeremy Jacobs, have indicated they are not seeking re-election to their positions. Jeremy's professional career will be taking him beyond the borders of Wisconsin this year, while Patty has decided to pass the torch on after years (decades) of service. We thank them for their service and wish them the best.


You will be receiving an e-mail from USAW on Monday, March 28th calling for nominations. All positions will be self-nominated. If you seek office, you should only nominate yourself, and only for one position. The nomination period will run from March 28th to April 4th. All nominees will be asked to provide a short bio to include in the final ballot.


Balloting will occur from April 11th through April 18th. A second e-mail from USAW will contain instructions for this process. All current members will have one vote. Results will be compiled by the national office and the new officers will be notified in advance of the annual meeting. The new board will take office after introductions at the annual general meeting.

2016 Updates

This was our annual message sent to all USAW members registered in the Wisconsin LWC.

State Meets Awarded

We are happy to announce that the state meets for the year have been awarded:

The LWC Championship will be held April 23-24 at Madtown Weightlifting Club in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Summer Games will be hosted by Milwaukee Barbell. There is no date yet for the meet, but we expect it to be scheduled for the end of July or sometime in August.

The Wisconsin Open is moving out west to UW La Crosse this fall. We are excited to have an event in the area: the last time a meet was held in that corner of the state was 9 years ago.

Great Lakes Open

Save the date!

262 Barbell Club is hosting their annual Great Lakes Open on June 11th, in Waukesha. This will be the third year they've put on the show. The atmosphere is always friendly and fun with a mix of first-timers - and some heavy weights being dropped of course.

2015 Year in Review

Like the prior year, 2015 was a great year for weightlifting in the state. Our overall membership grew from 394 people at the close of 2014, to 460 people in 2015. The exciting portion is that our athlete cohort grew from 150 to 240 athletes in 2015.

We stayed steady with 6 meets held during the year, but 2015 meets were much more popular. Meet participation grew from 219 to 403.

We lost 6 clubs in 2015, but gained even more for a total of 23 weightlifting clubs in the state.

Despite the membership and club growth, competition opportunities remain limited. Performing your best on the stage as an athlete takes practice. So does coaching an athlete through a meet. With 240 athletes and 403 participants, the average weightlifter only competed in 1.7 competitions. At least six competitions is ideal -- you might only peak for 2-3 of them -- but the extra practice is invaluable.

The barrier to entry for hosting a meet is small: find at least six lifters, three judges, and a barbell - then fill out an online form. Let's see if we can get a dozen meets on the calendar this year.

Annual Meeting

This is a reminder that, as usual, the annual LWC meeting will be held at the championship meet.

This year the USAW national office is coordinating voting for LWC director positions. All positions are available for nomination/election. This will occur via an online voting system prior to the annual meeting. You will not need to be attendance to vote. Details will be distributed through the e-mail address you have registered with USAW.


See you in April

Logo Competition

Last Fall we sent out a request for entries/concepts for the official Wisconsin Weightlifting logo. We are now putting the entries to a vote:

Take the survey

5 points will be awarded for a #1 vote, 3 for a #2 vote, and 1 for a #3 vote. Any response not containing a valid USAW membership number registered in the WI LWC will not be counted.

The response earning the most points by February 1st will be used as the base/concept for creating our official logo. We will retain the original spirit of the entry, but might change colors and styling based on the remainder of the survey feedback. The final version will be used for promotion of this year's LWC Championship, and will presented for a vote of approval during our Annual Meeting on April 19th, 2015.

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